In 2015, Delores was started in the basement of Sophie's womenswear store and has grown to be loved by girls and boys across the world.

We specialise in the cutest embroidered streetwear pieces around, in our trademark satin pink embroidery. We make stuff we're into, old or new, it doesn't matter. Focussing on high quality embroidered pieces we're now in our seventh collection, with past chapters being inspired by True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Drake and Erykah Badu. 

With our Romance collection on sale now, inspired by some of our favourite RnB female vocalists, the invaluable goal of self love, alongside re-releases of some of our best sellers which are available for one last time in new cherry red stitching.

Now offering a capsule-style collection of garments throughout the year; we will be working alongside influencers, charities, brands and boutique stores to bring the words of influential and inspiring females to life in our trademark Delores stitching. We love collaborating and producing customs; if you have an idea, just get in touch! 


The Delores Team 💌