Ultimate dreamboat Nadia Lee Cohen in Delores

We have had the biggest crush on Nadia Lee since forever. Photographer, Filmmaker, Model and all round cool girl, Nadia is pretty much everything we aspire to be. This is why we were so excited to have the chance to create a custom tee for her back at the beginning of 2016. Now this year, with the release of our Drake collection and the introduction of our signature pink sweater, we got the chance to make her a custom one-off piece again.

nadia lee gummo sweat

Nadia is a mega fan of the film "Gummo" by Harmony Korine, so for the custom she wanted the phrase "ain't nothing new for trash like you" from a scene in the movie. We love how different the phrases she chooses are and where she chooses inspiration from. Her last Delores custom was a quote from drag icon Divine and was so popular with Delores customers people started requesting their own Nadia Lee x Delores tee.

nadia lee divine tee

Working with girls who we aspire to, inspire us and support the same causes as us is something we love to do. Keep an eye out for more exclusive customs coming soon...