corporate responsibility

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Delores Daywear is committed to making sure our supply chain is ethical and sustainable. Our small supply chain consists of just three steps so to reduce the risk of unethical and immoral warehouse and production elements.

The manufacturer of our super soft hoodies, sweatshirts and tees are “commited to maintaining high ethical standards in all of their operations and business practices worldwide… and have a ‘genuine commitment to best practices in every area of the company and to operating ethical, safe and sustainable manufacturing facilities…’ (Code of Ethics, 2018).

They have also been awarded a Distintivo ESR® Award for the Second Consecutive Year in 2017, recognising their commitment to supporting communities and to voluntarily and publicly undertaking the commitment to implement socially responsible management.

Our dreamy embroidery is then done by Sophie’s BFF locally in Norfolk, before being sent to a team of wonderful friends who sew in our labels before our pink parcels are posted to you by Sophie’s amazing Mum (cheers Mum!).

Delores Daywear pride ourselves on making sure our brand is ethical and progressive. We strive to do this thoughtfully in both our sourcing, communications and committed customer care.